How Logo Mats Improve Indoor Air Quality and Contribute to a Healthier Work Environment

Logo Mats are an effective marketing/visual communication tool for a business. They display a brand name or logo, promoting a company’s ethos to the people that enter and leave a building or establishment.

A logo mat’s coarse abrasive surface swipes away excess dirt and moisture, helping to keep indoor floors cleaner and saving employees the time that would be spent sweeping or mopping. These mats are available with a variety of surface materials and finishes.
1. Reduces Foot Traffic

Having a logo mat outside and inside your business can show customers that you take pride in the way you do things. Mats collect dust, dirt and standing water that would otherwise be tracked into your building or store. This prevents slip and fall accidents that can cost you money.

When customers or visitors see a well-designed, colorful logo mat, it gives them the impression that you have pride in your business. This makes them more likely to enter your facility and discover what you have to offer.

Mats can be customized with a company or individual name, logo, tagline or photo. They can also be printed in any PMS color that you desire. They can be placed in entryways, hallways and office lobbies. They are a good option for businesses that want to increase their brand visibility without having to spend too much money. They are durable and can last for a long time.
2. Reduces Ultimate Mats to all passer-by and customers as they enter your business. They don’t compete with other banners or signs and are a priceless way to promote your brand and increase recognition.

Customizable logo mats are available in a variety of styles and colors to meet your needs. Digitally printed logo mats utilize chromojet digital printing technology to achieve superior color saturation with sharp, clear detail. Prudential Overall Supply’s molded rubber and nitrile rubber mats are designed to resist soiling, sun damage, color fade, and moisture with StainStopper technology.

HD Logo Mats raise the branding bar sky high by using true photographic-quality images on plush nylon carpet with Perma-Dye to reduce color fade and deliver 10 times more resolution than competitive mats. These heavy-duty, commercial-grade logo mats capture up to an entire pint of water, dirt and grime per square foot before it leaks onto your business floors.
3. Reduces Dust

Logo Mats reduce dust and other particles from being tracked into a building, reducing the need for frequent sweeps or vacuuming. This helps cut down on costly maintenance and janitorial costs for facility managers.

Custom logo mats also offer a great way for companies to share their brand and unique ethos with passersby and customers. Since they aren’t competing with other signage or banners, logo mats are a cost-effective way to market the company’s products to people who walk by.

The best branded logo mats capture and trap the dirt from shoes, eliminating the need to continuously sweep floors. Designed with scraper surfaces and heavy duty rubber backing, these mats help to eliminate the majority of the grit and dirt that enters buildings. Some mats also offer additional customization such as a company’s name, branding colors and a short mission statement.
4. Reduces Moisture

Logo mats reduce the amount of moisture tracked into a facility which reduces slip and fall hazards. This means safer facilities for employees and customers.

The rubber-backed mats provide reliable traction for safe and efficient movement of people through facilities. The mats are designed for long-lasting performance and include features like color fade resistance, StainStopper technology and nitrile rubber backing. The mats can be printed with any image, logo or message including branding, way finding and other marketing messages.

Logo floor mats can showcase company branding that creates a memorable impression for visitors and customers. They are the first thing customers see when they enter a facility and the last as they leave which makes them an effective way to communicate brand identity and build customer recall. The mats are durable and easy to maintain. Some styles are available that resist ozone damage, a naturally occurring ground-level gas that can weaken the rubber over time.

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