Clean house an Air Percolate in the Loose Method

Air pollution is one of the greatest hazards we are facing in our modern period. Especially people living in the city areas are largely affected by such pollutions. Excessive emission of carbon dioxide, harmful gas and smoke emissions from industries and dust particles from the vehicles add up to the air pollution to a large extent.

Even a child knows about the hazards in the air that surrounds the city area. However, do you think that the air inside our home is pure and safe? You will be surprised to know that the air we breathe inside our home is six times more dangerous than the outside. The main reason for this is the trapped particles. All the air vents and air-filters, in due course of time, accumulate dust and dirt that they need to be cleaned periodically in order to enjoy fresh.

Among the air vents in a home, cleaning an air-filter can be done in a do-it yourself method. You can select the suitable method of cleaning the air-filter among the many methods. The most common method is the dusting or rinsing method. First remove the air-filter panel to clean the condenser and the coils inside the panel. You can use a vacuum to clean the coils or else you can brush them to remove the dust. Then, using a garden sprayer, rinse the coils with water and detergent. Of course you must be careful not to rinse the electrical parts. Then dry the parts thoroughly in order to prevent mold formation.

You can also do steam cleaning in which powerful steam machines with high pressures are employed to shot special chemicals. The pressure will be 150 pounds per square inch. The other method of vapor steam cleaning is safer for easy cleaning of an 16x20x1 air filter merv 13 . You need not use any chemicals in this method. Complete eradication of dust mites, insects, fungi, mold and bacteria will take place immediately.

Oiling can also be done to clean the filters. Beads of oil from the oil squeezer can be applied on the head of the each pleat and then wait for 25 minutes. During this time period oil will be absorbed. Of course this must be applied on the dirty side. Subsequent oiling of the same pattern must be done till the color changes. Frequent cleaning is a must where the inmates are suffering from respiratory problems and allergies.