Building a Green Data Centre: Logan Group? t Journey Towards Durability

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As the worldwide journey to and also carbon neutrality accelerates, the real estate sector, one of the particular largest contributors to be able to carbon emissions, is definitely increasingly prioritizing sustainability. Chinese property creator Logan Group, throughout partnership with Huawei, deployed FusionModule2000, some sort of green, smart flip-up data center remedy, in its headquarters in Shenzhen, Tiongkok, to meet the particular requirements of increasing businesses and push sustainable development.

In Data Center with the brand philosophy associated with? Shaping Cities in addition to Homes with Obligation and Sincerity”, Logan Group, an ardent town service provider, is usually committed to building green buildings in addition to adding to low-carbon metropolitan areas.

As Logan Group comes in the picture efforts to be able to develop smart-community systems to meet and even exceed residents? lasting living standards, how much data that needs to be kept and processed grows exponentially. To retain up with the particular added demand, Logan chose to build a brand-new, green, and reliable? house? regarding server cabinets in order to store and accessibility ever-growing data.

FusionModule2000: An Ideal Option for Green Data Centers

Huawei FusionModule2000, a smart modular data center option, serves as an ideal approach to Logan Group as the alternative data center remedy features highly successful power supply in addition to cooling systems that can greatly reduce typically the energy consumption associated with your data center.

FusionModule2000 enables the task to obtain 30% higher energy efficiency when compared with the conventional solution. Thus, Logan can save 760, 000 kWh regarding electricity a year, which is equivalent to a reduction regarding 361 tons regarding carbon emissions.

Huawei FusionModule2000 adopts a new fully modular design, which has a lot lower requirements regarding ceiling heights. Its modular approach enables the data center to be sent in 2 a few months, 4 months before than planned. Within addition, the space for power distribution and cooling cabinets is reserved intended for flexible expansion within five to 10 years.

The information center adopts typically the 2N redundancy energy supply architecture, protecting against single points of failing and ensuring support security in the event of device faults or mains interruption.

Huawei SmartLi, a lithium-ion (LFP) battery solution regarding UPS systems, will be integrated into the data center, which equals no separate energy distribution room is needed. Therefore , typically the solution reduces the particular footprint by 70%, freeing up even more valuable floor room for this cabinets.

Huawei Smart Data Middle Management is used to be able to identify alarm focus and analyze in addition to locate faults quickly. It can proactively isolate faults and alter passive maintenance in order to proactive prediction. Merely one O&M engineer is necessary to conduct routine O&M tasks.

Logan has become a frontrunner in go green, consistently pursuing earth-friendly business initiatives in addition to providing value to be able to society. Logan will continue to work with Huawei to progress sustainability and develop a low-carbon, good society through technologies innovations.

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