Brief History of Education in Nigeria

Possibly, this realisation jolted the examination human body at the extra school level to examine severely, various manifestations and extent of this retrogressive inclination. It allegedly, categorised different kinds of examination malpractice as including taking in foreign components to examination halls, abnormal activities inside and external examination halls, collusion, impersonation, leakage, mass cheating and insult/assault on supervisors throughout exams.Image result for 2020/2021 WAEC Expo

Other kinds of exam malpractices determined by WAEC include guidance of individuals by invigilators to answer or have idea to hard methods, while some invigilators also head to the extent of answering some areas of the problem for individuals, besides other styles as “giraffing, contraband, topic, very printing, escort, missiles, and pregnant biros.”

However, what’s happened to the emergency of the country’s training program from that point until today? However, in the continued 21st Century, examination malpractices of varying kinds, forms and manifestations, incontrovertibly, have worsened and become a national problem. The unbecoming inclination voraciously, remains to eat serious into the social cloth, from the comfort of principal colleges to tertiary institutions of learning throughout the Nigerian Federation. It’s no surprise then, that the Nigerian Union of Educators (NUT), of recent, passionately requested the National Construction to declare circumstances of emergency in the training sector in order to consciously revamp the lost glory of the after successful industry.

While many stakeholders in the industry however, think that the commonplace malaise the education sector is not merely perpetrated by the pupils alone, but in addition with the effective connivance of other stakeholders, including educators, security agents, examination invigilators, printers, supervisors, and the like, exam malpractices have equally been described by some in the know of the pervasiveness of the frustrating tendency as “traditional and institutionalised multibillion Naira organization”, on which some depraved individuals, organizations and institutions give fat in the united states as of now.

But, a applicable issue any honest-minded Nigerians ought to question themselves at this moment is: How did Nigeria get to the decadent state in its training industry? Just as some significant stakeholders and specialists severally, have stated honest considerations concerning the constant injury regular exam malpractices are wreaking on the nation, a number of facets have now been advanced with this ugly development.

Among other factors adduced for the astronomical upsurge in examination malpractices recently are that using cases, “issues are not related to the syllabus”, and therefore, examination malpractices are encouraged. It is also, been so-called that subject syllabuses are overloaded and hard for exam prospects, so they really sometimes find it difficult to cope. But, are these tenable excuses for debateable prospects and their depraved collaborators to take part in examination irregularities? It’s merely indefensible for individuals to resort to exam irregularities. It’s believed that with identified, conscious initiatives at succeeding in any worthwhile endeavour, including examinations, “wherever there is a may, there is a way.”

Several students’rising not enough seriousness and ability to defend myself against their future, as numerous think that many learners nowadays are “not ready to understand “.For example, this has been seen that in most community schools specifically, students are seen wandering the streets, while some observed with house video cassettes and lightweight drives (CDs/DVDs) and the others enjoying football during school hours.

Similarly, in a desperate effort at snowy parents financially, there were recognized situations where examination stay issues are hurriedly resolved by college managements in collusion with appointed exam writers, impersonators oftentimes in “private schools’fundamentals’offices” to be able to please the parents to the detriment of these children’s potential prospect 2020/2021 WAEC Expo. And, these key college officers are anticipated to be role models, paragons of forthrightness, loyalty, and reliability to these kiddies, aren’t they?

This has been established that anomaly is usually perpetrated concurrently, as pupils create theirs in examination halls, and copies of such exam options are manufactured and distributed to their students for bulk copying, thereby turning their schools into sanctuaries of examination malpractices at worst. Reports state examiners are, certainly, finding better in tracking such anomalies in examination solution scripts in new times.