I visited a physiotherapist in Lahore because of a back issue that I had from a few years ago. I needed to know what would work for me and how could I avoid falling into the pit of back pain without having the strength to get back up.

All the gels and pain medications were just temporary and I needed something to work in the longer run. My consultation bore sweet fruit and I have been pain-free the past whole summer and now even winters.

I once read that exercise is the best way to boost your body and to motivate your body into being the best confident and athletic version of yourself. I don’t do exercise for athletics but I do it for the strength, flexibility, and endurance it creates in me. Moreover, I love the feeling of being empowered and not vulnerable.

There are a few exercises that one can do in case they had an injury that has made them unable to exercise. Or they have gained so much weight that it’s been harder and harder to come back to the gym. Or in some cases, you have become too lazy to set out a routine for yourself. Well, I have compiled a list of basic exercises that you can do to get back on your feet without feeling overwhelmed.

Basic warm-up

Whenever you are about to start an exercise regime always remember to start with warm-up exercises or stretches as some people call it. It is a great way to get the kinks out of the way and to avoid muscle stiffness and muscle spasms while exercising. Stretching allows the muscles to flex and prepare them for the onslaught of the exercises about to be thrown on them. This will also reduce the body pain that you will suffer after you are done with your first day of exercise regime and build your stamina.


Walking has never worked for me. Even brisk walking has had no effect on me. I know people who can get back into shape by just brisk walking for 03 weeks and then there are people like me who need something extra to get back in the shape. Jogging is the best solution I found. It is not too fats it is not too slow. It keeps the muscles working and the calves moving. It is the best form of physical activity that there is. And the perfect combination of walking and running.


I personally am not a big yoga fan. I do not in any way diss or condemn it but I can never find the concentration and focus needed to do yoga. But I have seen people transform themselves by doing yoga. That does not mean that they lost weight rapidly but they became healthier, calmer, and overall the best version of themselves. Yoga can be done at how or practiced in groups, it can even be done out in the fresh air where the environment can have a calming effect on you.


Now, this is the exercise that I can definitely get behind. I have seen the effectiveness of doing Pilates the right way. The results are not slow but they sure are steady and long term. I did pilates for beginners for 3 weeks straight and I could see the difference in myself clear as day. I was more energetic, I slept well and I ate well. I was able to concentrate more on my studies and they in no way made me sleepy or tired. In fact, all my fatigue seemed to vanish right up in the air when I did pilates. I even had an on-repeat playlist for my pilates hour.


Cardio should not be done immediately after a break but it should be slowly introduced back into your regime. Cardio exercises work all the legs and arms muscles and increase your heartbeat, making you work faster and making the blood pump harder. They are great for strengthening your muscles as well to focus all the core muscles at once.

Start your exercise regime one exercise at a time. Add more exercises to it and mix up the routines. Make it your mission to make exercise a part of your daily life.